Brand Producer Cynthia Heyd

Creative Jake Bogoch

Director Paul Constantakis

eCapital Money is Everything

Trucking is not about the good life of the open road. It’s a tough business that never quite pays on time. eCapital, a financial services company that helps trucking companies get paid fast, asked us to build its brand in the space. Working with Jake Bogoch of AndSo, we developed a creative idea that made it clear what eCapital actually does: Money for all the things that cost money. The campaign theme cut to the essence of what every trucking company needs to survive and grow; cash flow they can count on. With Paul Constantakis directing the spots are funny, witty, and hard-hitting.

Key Details

  • 4 Shoot Days
  • 13 Spot Campaign
  • 6 Radio Spots
  • Creative Development & Production


  • eCapital
  • Steven Ostrander
  • Gerrit Van Dyke
  • Wingman
  • Toast & Jam


  • Film